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Jay Mooreland

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The Emotional Investor – The Book.   Now Available on Amazon!

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The Emotional Investor will help you make more thoughtful, deliberate investment decisions in spite of your emotions and market volatility. You will learn how we think, what drives our decisions and why it feels better to buy high and sell low. The book reviews specific steps to control the urges and allow the rational mind to rule over the emotional impulse.

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Preview: The Emotional Investor – Chapter 1

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Understanding My Client

Advantages of Behavioral Profiling

Anchoring: JC Penney Example

The Emotional Investor provides educational seminars and tools for financial practitioners with respect to investor behavior. Seminars often qualify for CE credit.

The seminars and tools answer the following question:

How can financial professionals anticipate investors’ behavior during volatile times and assist them in making more thoughtful decisions, promoting a better investment experience and outcome?

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